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About Us

The history of PPPNS began in 1969 based on the idea of ​​the late Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia's second Prime Minister. It was approved by the Central Agency of Treasury Malaysia and the Public Service Department and approved by the Chief Minister / Chief Minister at the time.

It was known as the State Development Office (PKN) and placed under the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development. With the announcement of the New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1970, the Implementation, Coordination and Evaluation Unit (ICEU) was established in 1971 and PKN was placed under the unit. The unit was then known as the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU).

However, the name of the State Development Office has been amended to the State Department in 1997 in line with its role of monitoring and coordinating the implementation of project developments of the Federal Government at the state level.


An Ideal And Effective Central Agency In Implementation And Monitoring The National Development Plan


A Central Agency That Drives the National Development Through Coordination, Monitoring, Evaluation and Implementation Of Policies, Programs and Projects With The Practice of Good Governance and Creative Work Culture, Innovative and Integrity

Struktur Visi & Misi

Source of Authority

  • L.A.(A) 184 The Order of Federal Government Ministers' (No. 2) 2013
  • Directive No. 1 2010 Majlis Tindakan Negara
  • Cabinet Ministers' Decision
  • Administrator Directive of Rt. Hon.National Chief Secretary and others
  • The Rt. Hon.Prime Minister and the Rt. Hon.Deputy Prime Minister's Directive Issues from time to time

Work Ethics

  • Always Early and Ahead
  • Always Spirited
  • Always Dedicated and Diligent
  • Always Positive and Optimistic
  • Acknowledge Personal Strength and Potential
  • Always Confident and Brave
  • Always Improving One's Self and Situation
  • Always Producing Excellent Work
  • Always Thankful to God
  • Always Humble
  • Always Pray
  • Always smile

Main Core Businesses

  1. To coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation and outcome Programme / Project Malaysia Five-Year Development Plan (RMLT).
  2. Manage, implementation and monitoring the allocation of Prime Minister Program / Special Projects.
  3. To coordinate, monitor and evaluate programs / projects for People's Welfare.

Core Businesses

  1. Coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate Project Infrastructure Maintenance and Maintenance of Public Infrastructure Projects under the provisions of the Ministry of Finance.
  2. Coordinate and monitor the effectiveness of policies and strategies for One Village One Product program.
  3. Became the secretariat for the coordination of the implementation machinery under Directive No. 1, 2010 and main government meetings.
  4. Coordinate and monitor the effectiveness of policies and strategies of the Federal Statutory Bodies (MDS) based on circular-related papers.
  5. Coordinate and monitor the effectiveness of policies and strategies Restructuring Society of Penang Bumiputera Participation and the Penang Regional Development Authority (PERDA)

Management Support

  1. Manage payments to contractors / suppliers within 14 days after receipt of complete documents.