Section Eradication of Poverty

Seksyen Pembangunan Masyarakat & Institusi

The Functions Of The Section Eradication of Poverty
  1. Prepare strategic plans at the state and district level and formulate poverty policies, the implementation methods of the programs and the management of the poverty information.
  2. Monitor and manage the preparation of records in providing the entire statistical data and mapping of poverty and ensure the validity of data and the state statistical analysis of poverty.
  3. Manage the secretarial tasks of committee of focus group and the Committee on Poverty at the state level, including the management of reports and progress feedback from the poverty alleviation programs from the departments involved.
  4. Manage reports to the committee / state governments in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the impact on poverty eradication programs with the agencies involved and also the implementation and monitoring of the e-kasih.
  5. Monitor and evaluate the impact of implementation of poverty eradication programs and projects
  6. Identify and solve problems and difficulties of programs / projects which affected the objectives of poverty eradication.
  7. Review the systems and implementation mechanisms of programs / projects to improve the effectiveness of its execution and accelerate the achievement of the eradication of poverty, especially extreme poverty.