Section Management Services

Seksyen Khidmat Pengurusan

The Functions of the Administration Unit
  1. Responsible on the general management, procurement and stores, the inventory of capital assets, the maintenance of office space and equipments.
  2. Implement instruction from the Development Administration Circular ( DAC) , the Government's decision and the decision of the Headquarters in relation with the administration .
  3. Manage the secretariat meetings of the Committee of Governance, the Committee on Integrity and the committee of the Government Asset Management.
  4. Manage the affairs of member services and personnel contract and permanent.
  5. Manage the logistics, security and general administration.
  6. Manage the federal official functions at the state level involving the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and Members of the Administration.


The Functions of the Finance Unit
  1. Manage and control budgets which include prepare and update the annual budget, manage and control the allocation , maintain records and prepare the reports of the expenses.
  2. Manage the general finance which include the management, maintain and monitor the petty cash, manage, record and follow up on advances, mortgages, vehicles and computers and manage security safes or vaults where public money and valuables are kept
  3. Manage the receipts which include receiving, recording all types of public money and issuing receipts of the Government official, collect and submit a report to the General Department of public funds and Control Officer and prepare statements and bank in the revenue.
  4. Act as the Secretariat of the committee of the Federal of Procurement and the secretariat of the Board Quotation.


The Functions of the Information Technology Unit
  1. Manage information system on the implementation of programs and projects to be approved at the headquarters, ministry and the state level effectively.
  2. Maintain the computerized systems to ensure the development of information technology are more efficient and effective in the management of projects directly and indirectly.
  3. Provide training and understanding on the use of IT in project management to the officers involved on the system in detecting and implementing of the development of projects that have been approved on an ongoing basis.
  4. Cultivate an effective use of information technology in project management and office management.
  5. Provide technical services to government agencies / departments at the state level.
  6. Plan IT needs at the state level.